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Tasting Original South Australia

Core Business

Sales Agent

The portfolio of Orchid wines is grouped into 4 distinct series, 8 major grapes varieties and 24 wines. All comes from the best wine regions in South Australia. Including Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, Limestone coast and McLaren Vale etc.

With our excellent cost performance, perfect exporting, ordering and logistics system, bringing consumers’ confidence and superior consumption experience.

Customized Wine

Orchid Wine Estate allows our consumers to personalize both their wine brand and product design. With a senior brand design team, perfect presenting Australia's original brand image, gaining brand recognition.

Your wines and brand image design will be tailored for your target market grows at your request.

Perfect Australian production supply chain and reliable suppliers, we are confident to provide you a hassle-free, professional one stop shop service for your wine export business.

We can provide the service as Order in Australian and Pick up the wine in your door step in overseas.

Wine Industry Access Investment

Orchid Wine Estate fully integrates with local resource and offering financing and asset M&A services for Australian industry. AS a bridge between China & Australia, we fulfil the use of rational allocation of resources and distribution, offering more asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions services. Bring more opportunities and benefits for Australian wine industry and overseas wine business.

Our service business covers the vineyard purchasing, ownership transfer. After settlement, we provide hosting service including grape plantation, vineyard maintenance and grape sales etc.

WTS Online Ordering System

Advanced WTS online ordering system, implement custom products online order, branded customization and export logistics, real time tracking service.

  • Online ordering customized wine brand
  • Real time order status tracking system
  • Orchid wine ordering system
  • Wine label and trademark digital assets management
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Marking high quality wine has always been the core principle of Orchid Wine Estate. To 'Share the best SA wine with the world', We strictly control the whole process from grape growing, wine making, bottling to transportation etc. We are not only making wine, we also dig into the Australian wine culture and admire the Australian life style 'Perfect balance of work, life and family'.

  • Viticulture

    Good grape is the key to the good wine. Orchid vineyards scatter in 4 major wine regions in South Australia, with 3 viticulture experts, which guarantees orchid wines are always made of best grapes.

  • Wine Making

    Orchid winery and vineyard sits atop cave pocketed limestone on the very edge of the South Australian coastline. Far removed from famous wine regions and manipulative viticulture this biodynamic winery is unique. Wines aim at expressing the vineyard… wines with a sense of place; and reflecting the people, with the aim of embracing innovative ideas and wine styles

  • Wine Tasting

    Orchid wine makers with over 40 years wine making experience strictly control the wine quality by picking the best grapes, rating and tasting at different stage. Present the best selection of wines to consumers.

Orchid Wines

Tasting original South Australia, enjoy the free life style. Orchid wines present you rich wine experiences.

Orchid Wine Estate

[CBD Office] Located in CBD in Adelaide. Australia Post is just 200 meters away. Main functions: Business Negotiation, Product Design, Production Coordination, Enterprise Training.

[Habour Bottling] Lies in Osborne just 1KM from the state's main export hub. The workshop is about 2400 square meters and with another 1200 square meters warehouse, one-stop bottling shop with multifunction of storage, packing and shipping. Annual production capacity: 600 containers. Wholly owned by Orchid Wine Estate. It is the only bottling factory in Australia located so close to the export hub.

[Blickinstal] Orchid Blickinstal located in the major wine region in SA. It is also the wine tasting and wine product research center. 80% of Orchid wines research and development happens here. Blickinstal Barossa Valley Retreat has been rated the No.1 best-rated hotel in Barossa Valley. It also came fourth in the state in the Trivago Awards 2017.

Efficient Export

Product Range

Diverse wine selections, over 20 different wines

Customer Service

10 staff customer service team, follow up your orders

Branded Customization

Professional design team tailoring your wine brands

Order Tracking System

Advanced WTS Online Ordering System, Real time order status tracking

Hi-speed Production

A new bottling line from Italy, which can fill, label and pack 3000 bottles per hour

SA One-stop bottling Shop

Just 500 meters from the main export hub.